More sketchbook fun -

Head study after Edward Burne-Jones.

[Graphite and white charcoal on toned paper]


Steve Anderson 21 October, 2009 23:46  

Now look who is a drawing machine these days! You're getting dangerously close to a sketch-a-day.

These "oatmeal" sketches are lovely.

The Art of Kim Kincaid 22 October, 2009 00:57  

Someone is enjoying her new toned paper sketchbook. Nice work, Tara.

Christina Hess 22 October, 2009 19:30  

Good choice on Edward Burne-Jones! He's one of my favs. Beautiful job.

tlc illustration 22 October, 2009 23:38  

Steve, it's more like a post a day. :-) I drew these at my retreat last weekend.

Aaron Miller 25 October, 2009 01:06  

a post a day keeps the whip away


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