I just returned from our annual fall illustrator's retreat weekend. Lots of art happened - including drawing in my nifty-new, large toned sketchbook (I'll post some of those soon).

One of the 'fun' projects we dabbled in was intaglio printing on plexiglass plates. Here was my initial tiny practice plate and a few of experimental prints I pulled. Incredibly fun. Want to do more!


Marc Scheff 13 October, 2009 11:36  
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Abigail Zed Ryder 13 October, 2009 17:04  

Oh, neat! Those turned out nicely. Prints are hard for me. :/

Aaron Miller 13 October, 2009 23:29  

looks like a lot of fun.

Steve Anderson 14 October, 2009 00:10  

Very nice. I loved intaglio in school. Haven't done it since, just some linoleum block printing.

M. C. Matz 16 October, 2009 11:25  

That looks like a lot of fun! Can you go into detail about how it's done?

tlc illustration 16 October, 2009 22:26  

The method we used was inscribing an image on plexiglass with a sharp pointy thing (awl, or small format X-acto blade, etc...). Then one rubs a small amount of printing ink over the entire surface and gently wipes most of it off - leaving ink in the crevices and anywhere else you wish. Then you place the plate in a heavy-duty hand press, cover with a damp piece of cotton-fibered paper, couch and roll through the printer.

It is very versatile. You can do any size (this one is about 1.5 x 2.5 inches) that will fit into your press. Complex, simple, you name it. I drew a dragon that I want to scratch onto a larger plate. someday. when I can breathe again.

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