Nifty new sketchbook!

After seeing some of the examples of drawing on toned paper by Mike and Jennifer, I acquired a Utrecht 11x14 'oatmeal' paged sketchbook.

Practiced on copying some Master drawings at the retreat last weekend. This one after Hans Holbein (who drew fascinatingly 'real' looking figures from the court of King Henry VIII. Most of them somewhat homely and decidedly *not* idealized). Great fun.


Mark Harchar 20 October, 2009 07:08  

Nice sketch Tara. I was at a local store called Ollie's (Good Stuff Cheap). I'm not sure if they are nation wide, but they had Canson, hardcover 8.5 x 11, oatmeal colored pages sketch books for $2.50. They only had 20 pages, so I took two and put all the pages into one. I bought like a dozen. Now you need to try brown or red pencils. :u)

tlc illustration 20 October, 2009 17:44  

Red pencils are next!

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