Temple in the cliffs

This is a rough pen and ink drawing that I liked the concept of and started playing around with its colors in Photoshop.

Yes, I know the cliffs look like clouds. I don't have a tablet, just a laptop mousey-pad, so Photoshop is always an exercise in frustration for me... I think I will invest in a tablet soon as it seems very useful. :)

I was thinking of eventually painting this in some traditional medium as a portfolio piece, but I don't know if it would be too simplistic and boring just as a peaceful landscape... I mean, surely there should at least be a dragon twined about one of those roofs, right?... so I'd like to know any opinions or suggestions you all might have to either add interest or make it a stronger piece. Thanks! -Abby


Steve Anderson 08 October, 2009 22:35  

Nice. Has a great watercolor look to it. I really should work with Photoshop more.

Abigail Zed Ryder 11 October, 2009 11:11  

Thanks Steve! And your recent photoshop work is just stunning... for anyone who hasn't seen it, it is a wonderful example of Why Maquettes Are Awesome.


Abigail Zed Ryder 11 October, 2009 11:14  

Those last four letters that got cut off were "html" of course... :)

Steve Anderson 12 October, 2009 23:21  

Wow Abby, I'm so glad you like that comp, as I have been resisting digital work for so long. And I don't believe I've ever been plugged before, but I thank you.

Aaron Miller 16 October, 2009 08:53  

i think one thing to consider when you're just starting out in photoshop is to not worry about blending with a big soft brush. try and do it with color changes. there are certain elements of your sketch that work so much better. and i think you would be happy to invest in that wacom if you want to keep doing it.

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