Cat Sketches

I have my first children's book commission. The author is a wonderful 72 year old lifetime educator. She's self-publishing which is an avenue many authors are taking these days. The title is A Grand Cat and it's based on the true story of Fred the cat.
Right now I'm developing the storyboard and book dummy. I'm also playing around with the style and look of the illustrations. The author has given me a free rein in both. Right now, I'm simply studying cats and their expressions and anatomy. Next, I tried drawing them without the photo references and attempted to draw a cat based on memory and characterization. Have much work to do before this feels more fluid and free.


Aaron Miller 16 November, 2009 18:52  

beautiful cats!!!!!

Mark Harchar 18 November, 2009 13:20  

What lovely little kitties!

Corina St. Martin 26 November, 2009 12:10  

Congratulations Kim! That is so wonderful for you! I bet you're on cloud 9 :-)

Christina Hess 27 November, 2009 09:50  

The ones on the right have so much character. The one of him stretching is great. I can completely get the personality!

Aaron Miller 29 November, 2009 23:23  

how is the commission worked out for something like this?

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