New Moleskine -

Finished out my old one, so got to start in my tiny, new Moleskine this weekend. Christened it with a view of the informal concert we watched my daughter play in downtown at Seattle's Winterfest celebration.

I also listened to this weekend's's live streaming class on sketchbooks. Lots of great examples of famous artists sketching (and not the beautiful, elegantly composed and finished 'sketches' that many artists sell now as sketchbooks). Plus a number of good ideas on sketchbook exercises and subjects. A worthwhile way to spend the afternoon.



Corina St. Martin 01 December, 2009 12:00  

That's a great idea! Now you can look back on that day and your memory of it will probably be more clear. I need to get a moleskin, any brand suggestions or does it matter?

tlc illustration 01 December, 2009 22:43  

Moleskine *is* the brand - just get the type with drawing paper (it has the lavender wrapper). It is luscious, creamy and smooth. Great to draw on. I watch for them to go on sale at Barnes and Noble.

Furman 21 April, 2011 12:03  

Great technique and ability to set a mood!

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