Fairy Sketch

One of my many goals is to finish up some projects that have been gathering dust around the studio. Most of these older projects are intimidating me for one reason or another (can anyone relate??). Either I'm unsure how to proceed with the medium or I'm not happy with the initial concept. Though I like the look of this one (top drawing), I'm uncertain what I want to convey. Yesterday, I spent some time reworking the fairy in this bottom sketch, trying to make her look less coy and more sad and dejected because she's been caught in a snare. Um....decisions, decisions.


Aaron Miller 29 November, 2009 23:21  

these are just great. they'd be awesome fully painted up.

Mark Harchar 30 November, 2009 07:13  

Kim, I like idea. Also, I like the more dejected one of the two. One suggestion would be to make her look a bit more "pouty", like "This isn't what I had planned". And I know exactly what you mean about old work. I have two paintings myself that have been taunting me.

The Art of Kim Kincaid 30 November, 2009 08:55  

Thanks you two. I appreciate the suggestion as well, Mark.

Steve Anderson 30 November, 2009 13:30  

I like the bottom reworked one. She looks resigned to capture, wants to be free. Nice.

JenniferGOliver 30 November, 2009 23:01  
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JenniferGOliver 30 November, 2009 23:01  

The bottom one looks a little angry to me; as if she's a sweet fae who could suddenly turn savage, which is kind of an intriguing idea. The top one had a slightly dark, impish quality to it. Two very different moods created by such subtle differences. I can understand why it's hard to decide!

Corina St. Martin 01 December, 2009 11:59  

All three are beautiful Kim! I agree with Steve on the bottom one. Their is so much feeling there. I like the irritated look. lol But if you want to make her more sad looking I might try just raising her inner eyebrows a bit. Great job on all of these girl!

The Art of Kim Kincaid 01 December, 2009 14:13  

Thank you for all the input. I'm leaning towards the bottom one. You've helped me greatly with your opinions.

Madeline Carol Matz 01 December, 2009 17:23  

I agree that the bottom one is the best. The pose with the sunken chest conveys moodiness while the poses with the raised chests almost convey coyness. Nice work!

JenniferGOliver 01 December, 2009 21:44  

I think just blending away the horizontal line between the brows on the bottom one would make her look more resigned to her fate, and as Corina suggested, moving the eyebrows up slightly-but maybe just the front section of the brows. Easy enough to play with in Photoshop! :-)

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