Lifedrawing and new FW inks

Guess I'm joining the trend of using toned paper! I very much enjoyed using it... even though I was kicking myself for over-working the leg, as well as thinning down the model's loose arm so much that it looks like a macaroni noodle, but that's why we do these things right?... Live and learn. Also got some new FW inks so I was just playing around with 'em... this very sketchy unicorn is the first thing I did (other than some color squares) and the colors are from different mixes of indigo and scarlet ink. The best way apparently is not to mix them first but to use light layers to achieve the colors desired (they seem to look fairly different when wet from dry.)


Steve Anderson 05 November, 2009 00:47  

The life drawing looks good, don't beat yourself up over it. I would suggest letting the toned paper work more for the middle tones, and use the white more sparingly - for the highlights.

Then again, I haven't done figure drawing in a long, long time.

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