Eakins in ballpoint

I was at the Mutter Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art yesterday. I guess the former informed the latter because I found myself copying a portion of it in my little sketchbook. Photo taken with my iPhone.



tlc illustration 20 November, 2009 02:30  

I am not familiar with the Mutter Museum. Tell me about it?

Madeline Carol Matz 20 November, 2009 07:33  

The Mutter Museum is a small museum of physical oddities including the soap woman and lots of wax models, skeletons and specimens in jars.

tlc illustration 20 November, 2009 15:39  

Sounds like kind of creepy fun! :-)

Madeline Carol Matz 20 November, 2009 19:33  

It was weird that I went to the Mutter and then the painting I wind up sitting in front of was Eakin's "The Agnew Clinic" drawing that little bit of it.

Steve Anderson 23 November, 2009 01:37  

Fun. I've never done that - sketching from originals in a museum. I really should.

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