Christmas Promo - WIP

This is the final drawing for my Christmas promo requested by my agents. Their theme this year is 'Caroling'. It is sadly lacking in dragons, but for the children's market it should do fine. :-)

The simpler and more decorative the piece, the harder I find it to make *the right* color choices. Since I paint these in watercolor, I must know before I begin what colors are going where, with few options to change after the fact beyond a bit a glazing. I'm tending towards the lower right, but don't really like the cool background. However warm (ochre? cream?) might be too much warm?



The Art of Kim Kincaid 08 November, 2009 22:58  

I love your calligraphy Tara. You know what my favorite thing on this is?? The feather in the hat.
If you're asking for opinions, my initial response to your color studies: the lower right. My only thought would be to perhaps darken the planter to give the sleeve and hands more definition. Have you thought of a pattern on the pants... diagonal checkerboard??

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