Happy Chicken -er, Turkey Day!

("Fancy Chicken" - a Yokohama Red Shoulder Cockerel to be exact. For "The Wind Dancers", published by Feiwel & Friends).

Happy Thanksgiving - my artsy-drawing friends. Thanks for your talent and your input and for enriching my life the last couple of years.


Christina Hess 27 November, 2009 09:18  

Love this chicken! It's beautiful!

Christina Hess 27 November, 2009 09:19  

Love this chicken! It's beautiful!

Corina St. Martin 27 November, 2009 16:07  

I love this too Tara! Great job, are you going to paint this?

tlc illustration 27 November, 2009 16:13  

Yes - this is just my final drawing before scanning and printing and painting for the series I'm working on (this book is all about the County Fair... Cowboys and Chickens and Cakes, oh my! A few more to draw for this one, and then a week of painting them all!

The Art of Kim Kincaid 27 November, 2009 20:30  

LOVE the line work in the tail feathers, Tara. Lovely, as usual.

Madeline Carol Matz 27 November, 2009 20:56  
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Mark Harchar 30 November, 2009 07:13  

Love the chicken.

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