Well I sat down to draw a treehouse, *actually*--and a battlesteed came out. I'm not sure what Freud would say about that, and I'm not going to ask him, either. ;)



JenniferGOliver 15 September, 2009 14:51  

Beautiful! It reminds me of a sketch one would find in a 16th Century Italian or German artist's notebook.

tlc illustration 15 September, 2009 19:02  

That is lovely. Micron, eh? Do you sketch in pencil first or go straight to the pen?

Abigail Zed Ryder 15 September, 2009 21:12  

Thank you! Jennifer I love that you said that, because I used to sit with art books and try to get daVinci's drawing style in my own drawings for art class (we were supposed to work in our favorite artist's style for a series of assignments, which I thought was an interesting idea.) Anyway... definite hero-worship going on.

Tara- yes this was my little 0.005 Micron-- which was steadily running out of ink the whole way through!-- and I do usually draw in pencil first, at least sketching the outlines. Sometimes I force myself to go straight to the pen, just for the practice, but it's always a bit more wiggly-looking... I had a go at doing some of those over the weekend so I can post those next...

The Art of Kim Kincaid 16 September, 2009 10:19  

Lovely line work, Abby. WOW.

Steve Anderson 20 September, 2009 21:31  

Beautiful treehouse... er, horse. I love pen & ink but don't do enough of it. Actually, can't remember the last time I did.

Mark Harchar 23 September, 2009 07:15  

Awesome sketch. Love the armor.

Marc Scheff Illustration 24 September, 2009 15:44  

best. treehouse. evar.

Abigail Zed Ryder 24 September, 2009 23:30  

Thanks all, for appreciating my equine treehouse... :)

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