Well, here it is. I had to stop somewhere, but I was so tempted to work to the edge of the paper. Must move on to other things now. Anybody got any ideas for a title?



tlc illustration 28 September, 2009 00:46  

Very cool Sheila! The title should have something to do with dreams.... sweet dreams are made of this.....?

The Art of Kim Kincaid 01 October, 2009 11:12  

I really like her peaceful countenance amidst the chaos surrounding her. I like to call these intrusions, "snarls". Just like snarls in my hair, they interrupt the flow of thought. Nice job, Sheila.

Abigail Zed Ryder 07 October, 2009 17:40  

Oh I like Kim's concept of mental "snarls"! Beautiful piece... for some reason my regular Firefox browser doesn't allow me to view your posts, Sheila, but other browsers do. I don't know why!! But it's worth it to open a different browser to view them . :)

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