partial sketch

Doing a little sketching from a photo on my pc screen. Need to get better at capturing likenesses so I will leave out the subject do avoid embarrassing myself.


tlc illustration 20 September, 2009 21:42  

I recognize who it is. You don't give yourself enough credit. :-)

Steve Anderson 20 September, 2009 21:46  

I recognize this person, but just can't quite place the name. Looks good.

Madeline Carol Matz 20 September, 2009 23:10  

Thanks. I think I don't have the proportions exactly correct. I started getting really focused on that eye on the right and knew it was time to loosen it up a bit and cover more ground. Practice, practice, practice...

The Art of Kim Kincaid 21 September, 2009 12:35  

Again, looks familiar....very hobbitish. Must have Tolkien on the brain. Good line work and expression.

Abigail Zed Ryder 22 September, 2009 00:52  

I love it! Likenesses are difficult. I was going to say that I knew who it was... but since you say it doesn't look like them I've gone all doubt-y. :)

Madeline Carol Matz 22 September, 2009 01:12  

My ego can handle it and I am dead curious to see who comes up!
It will be fun to see just how far off I am!
Tough love!

tlc illustration 22 September, 2009 04:42  

It would be Neil Gaiman.

Madeline Carol Matz 22 September, 2009 19:16  

Sigh! Thank Tara! I must not be as far off as I thought.

JenniferGOliver 22 September, 2009 20:23  

I don't know what Neil Gaiman looks like. I was kind of thinking that it was a slightly younger Alan Rickman!

Madeline Carol Matz 22 September, 2009 21:46  

He does look similar to Alan Rickman so close enough!

Steve Anderson 23 September, 2009 01:07  

Like I said, I couldn't place the name, but that's it. It does indeed look like Neil.

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