TV Doodles

This started as a doodle while I was watching TV in the evening, trying out some new paper I just got. It's now become a bit of an obsession, still in progress, and it just keeps growing. But I think it's close to finish. I really like the swirly stars and bubbles around the edge...



Steve Anderson 09 September, 2009 01:36  

This is very cool. How do you know when you're done with this? Looks like you could just keep on drawing this outward.

M. C. Matz 09 September, 2009 12:32  

This is sweet! I love the swirly complicated, intertwiningness of it. It looks close to done to me too.

The Art of Kim Kincaid 11 September, 2009 20:32  
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The Art of Kim Kincaid 11 September, 2009 20:34  

Wow Sheila. What do your dreams look like if this is what you envision during the day? Awesome.

tlc illustration 13 September, 2009 15:48  

I love how smooth and effortless this looks... Your drawings are always awesome. More please?

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