Sunday Sketching -

Tried to push the stylizing a bit. (there were kids sitting behind me watching. They didn't think I captured the essence of the people I was drawing at all... Needs work apparently).


JenniferGOliver 22 September, 2009 20:24  

Are you sketching in one of those little Moleskin books?

tlc illustration 23 September, 2009 05:24  

Yup - it's the tiny one I carry in my purse (it's like 3.5 x 4.75 inches). Can be exciting trying to balance on my knee while drawing in it...

Abigail Zed Ryder 25 September, 2009 12:31  

Wow that's a teeny sketchbook! Ha, kids are always fun as art critics. I think these have great character... they look like "people I'd want to know."

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