The First Post

Okay, this blog was started because the blog Drawn Today seemed to be adding members but shucks if they weren't all boys! Honestly, none of us had asked to joined but an invite would have been nice.
So this place is to show off all that little stuff we do in between BIG projects meant to be viewed by the masses.
I hope we learn a lot through sharing our stuff and commenting on it.
I know we're going to see some cool stuff going on!

And gentlemen are always welcome to join our ranks.

Email me at if you want to contribute and I'll add you to the authors list.

Here's my first thing. As I was writing the blurb for this blog, I knew I had to paint it. Anyone else who feels inspired to create their own tree house, please do!


Aaron Miller 07 September, 2009 13:16  

great first post! with its own spot illo!

I love that there are two blogs going on! Are we really dueling?

hmmm... this could lead to some interesting posts, drawings and competitions! Though I stand by my comment that how can you lose if you're drawing. But it'll be fun anyway. I still haven't invited a single person. It seemed like a lot of hard work, and i'd rather have been drawing. Plus don't forget it was all for Steve! blame Steve!

Madeline Carol Matz 07 September, 2009 17:28  

I like to think we are doing more of dance than a duel.
Better outcome for both that way.
I can't wait to see who joins in!

Steve Anderson 09 September, 2009 01:29  

Hey there, I'm late to the dance. And I'm to blame, oh my! Well I'm honored to get you all drawing today - Draw Everyday!!

Nice Madeline. I don't think we had a commissioned piece when we launched. I haven't painted w/ goauche in years.

And Aaron, the blog was your idea. I only said I needed to sketch everyday. So, blame Aaron.

The Art of Kim Kincaid 12 September, 2009 07:35  

Why do I suddenly feel like singing, "Anything You Can DO, I Can Do Better!" from Annie Get Your Gun?
Actually, I think this is a great idea, not in a dueling way, but in a motivational way. Maybe a little edge of competition will get both genders sketching more.
Kudos to both Aaron and Madeline.

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