Boat Art

I call this "boat art" because this piece is an example of the art I was working on last spring when I was traveling regularly to the mainland on the ferry. I found it was the perfect time to work on small pieces (this one is about 5"x6" right now) and helped make the time pass more quickly. I haven't been traveling on the boat much lately, so this piece kinda got buried. But I found it again recently and am planning on having it finished for Illuxcon.


The Art of Kim Kincaid 29 September, 2009 23:44  

So much life in his face. Hope you do finish it.

Madeline Carol Matz 30 September, 2009 05:52  

Great look on that cat! I like the way the petals are kind of loopy. It adds to expression of the cat. I can't wait to see it at IlluxCon!

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