Painting on Vellum ala Sergio Martinez

I've been a fan of Sergio's every since I discovered his illustrations for Max Lucado's "You Are Special". His composition and line work are wonderful and strong. He creates his luminous colors by drawing on both sides of vellum. I've been a fan of drawing on vellum for years now so I was very interested in his technique. In one of his blog posts he mentioned that his whole process was explained in an out-of-print edition of Step by Step Graphics. Fortunately, someone on ConceptArt who owned that edition scanned and posted the whole article. UNfortunately, the link is now down. If anyone would like to have a copy, let me know and I can email it to you. This is my experimental sketch & value study. Next I will cover the sketch with a sheet of heavy, 90gm vellum and redraw with a carbon charcoal pencil. Hopefully, I will be ready to post the next step tomorrow.

Edit: So I'm not hogging Mistress Sketchbook blog space, you can follow the rest of this experimental process on my art blog.


JenniferGOliver 24 September, 2009 13:09  

Great blog, and I would certainly be interested in getting a copy of his article from "step by step".

The first image looks like it was done digitally. I'll be interested to see how the pencil version works out. Do you have any plans to take it to full color?

The Art of Kim Kincaid 24 September, 2009 15:21  

Yes, Jennifer, The first image was done over the sketch in PS. Just a value study. I've now redrawn the sketch on vellum in charcoal and will finish in color. Hopefully.

Abigail Zed Ryder 24 September, 2009 23:34  

Ooh, nice! I can't wait to see the next step. I never would have thought of drawing on both sides of a sheet of vellum either, wow. I'm adding it to the list of things I want to try!

Aaron Miller 25 September, 2009 00:49  

i'd like it sent to me :)

tlc illustration 25 September, 2009 22:53  

I can't seem to find the copy you sent me - would you mind re-trying?

And I'm still unclear about why there is drawing on both sides..?

Madeline Carol Matz 26 September, 2009 01:00  

Could you post the complete process and the article here?
Blog space doesn't cost any thing and this is really interesting!

Mark Harchar 26 September, 2009 07:38  

I like where this is going Kim. Nice values. Really draws my eye. :u)

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