Tarot Card - work in progress

This is my progress on the Knight of Cups card I'm doing for a "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?" tarot deck. The card size will be 3"x5.5" but I am working up to a 12"x16" and I will crop and resize the digital file.
I still don't have a set methodology but this how this one went.
Thumbnail sketch in ballpoint.
Tried a drawing on tracing paper in pencil but it didn't have the same feeling as the thumbnail so I scanned the thumbnail.
Messed around with color and mash-ups in Elements.
I enlarged the main figure so the lady in the bowl would be larger, too.
Printed out on Bristol board and trimmed to 12"x16".
Laminated the print to gessoboard.
Worked in with color pencils and did some inking.

A note on the printer: I just bought an hp officejet 7000. It prints up to 13"x19" and only has 4 ink cartridges. I got it for $179.99 at Staples. It printed the 2-ply bristol board with no problem and looked perfect. I have yet to check out how good the photo prints are.


tlc illustration 26 September, 2009 02:41  

I didn't realize officejets could print so large. Being jet printers though, I'm assuming the ink is water soluble?

M. C. Matz 26 September, 2009 10:20  

The officejet 7000 is a new model and yes, the color is water-soluble.
Since I pencil and ink first, I'm going to fix it before I go into any water media. But I think that solubility has potential for some watercolory effects.

The Art of Kim Kincaid 27 September, 2009 15:21  

So are you laying down some color in Elements and adding your colored pencil on top of that? Liking this WIP. SO fun to watch the transformation.

M. C. Matz 27 September, 2009 16:40  

Yes, I scan in the sketch, make alterations to it and then lay in some colors before printing it out. Right now I'm using acryla gouache, ink and color pencils.
I'll post more later.

Aaron Miller 27 September, 2009 18:47  

how'd you go about getting the work?

Madeline Carol Matz 27 September, 2009 19:51  

It's a fan thing - gratis. You submitted your name and they reviewed your work and selected the artists to do a card each.
I imagine I'll sell the original and do prints later. It has a certain amount of promotional value since Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer had to approve the use of their images and the deck is going to be sold. Kristina Carroll is in on this too.

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