pen doodles 09/09/09

A couple of big-eyed ballpoint doodles.


The Art of Kim Kincaid 11 September, 2009 20:36  

You are so brave to use a pen. Strong line work.

Steve Anderson 12 September, 2009 14:56  

I like the LotR's-ish one on top. I've doodled w/ ball point on scraps of paper and envelopes quite a bit, but have never been brave enough to attach my sketch book w one. I should, I've actually kept some of those loose scraps before.

Madeline Carol Matz 12 September, 2009 23:12  

Ballpoint is awesome. Check out The Seven Deadly Sins
All ballpoint, all day.

tlc illustration 13 September, 2009 15:47  

Oh! Brave ballpoint woman! I always mean to. I carry pens with my purse sketchbook supplies - but I always chicken out.

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