Quick sketch done on my Cintiq 21ux of my Maine Coon Oberon. He looks so comfortable when he snoozes that it's hard not to join him in a mid afternoon nap!


tlc illustration 15 September, 2009 00:13  

How do you like working on a Cintiq (vs. an Intuos or similar tablet?)

Abigail Zed Ryder 15 September, 2009 13:30  

My cat Tonks (Teddy, not Nymphadora) sleeps just like that too... I think you captured it perfectly!

JenniferGOliver 15 September, 2009 19:07  

I do really like my Cintiq though I'm not yet as comfortable with it as I am with traditional materials. Still, it does feel much more natural to me that using the usual Wacom tablets.

Ray Lederer is selling his for around $1,700.00 right now. A steal! ;-)

Aaron Miller 16 September, 2009 08:10  

i have an artist that comes to my life drawing class that draws and paints on wallpaper books she makes herself. this reminds me of that a lot.

looks great.

The Art of Kim Kincaid 16 September, 2009 10:18  

This has such expression, Jen. Wonderful.

David Nethery 19 September, 2009 23:33  

Beautiful work. You certainly seem like you're "comfortable" with the Cintiq. (could've fooled me)

There's real character in this sketch, which is so much more important to my way of thinking than slick rendering or flashy technique. (though the technique is there , too) .


[by the way: Thanks to whoever fixed the comment posting on this blog . I tried to post here a few days ago, but it was not possible to get past the word verification. It works now !]

Marc Scheff 25 September, 2009 17:26  

Yes, I love the paint on wallpaper feel of this one. More please!

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