Reclining nude on toned paper

One of my favorite methods of doing figure drawings is on a toned paper with white prismacolor or conte crayons, and a brown or sepia pencil. I did this one on a pad called "Bogus sketch" (weird name for a sketch pad, eh?) from Sam Flax, but if you can't find something similar in your area then the inside of a paper grocery bag works just as well.

The drawing was done at a private figure drawing class in neighboring Winter Park, Florida. I was asked later by someone if her head is a bit small; no, those are really her proportions. She held her poses beautifully and was a wonderful model to sketch from!


Abigail Zed Ryder 16 September, 2009 12:45  

What a beauty! I really love the cast shadows in this, and how you left them *almost but not quite* the tone of the paper. Nice effect. Hmm. Now *I* want to try that!

tlc illustration 16 September, 2009 18:06  

I love toned paper drawing. I really gotta get me toned sketchbook! (how big is the one you use?)

JenniferGOliver 16 September, 2009 19:51  

Thanks Abby!

Tara-For sketchbooks you can't beat the "earthbound" recycled paper sketchbooks, which can be found at most Barnes and Noble stores. The "Bogus rough sketch" drawing pad by Aquabee is 18 x 24, but I think that they make a smaller size too. There's also one made by Cartiera Magnani called "Annigoni" that's available through Jerry's Artarama. It's a lighter cream tone, but the all cotton content is better for stuff that you'd like to keep for a while!

M. C. Matz 17 September, 2009 18:37  

Wonderful, lush drawing, Jen. And what an incredible model. Nice to see some serious curves in a nude.

JenniferGOliver 17 September, 2009 19:04  

Thanks Madeline! Yeah, she was a great model. Obviously very comfortable in her own skin. I think I like drawing the fuller figured ladies a little more than the ones who are borderline (or entirely) anorexic. The end result has more of a classical feel to it, and somehow seeing a very pronounced spine or ribcage makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

Steve Anderson 20 September, 2009 21:42  

Very nice life drawing. Very jealous of all of you artist's with access to life sessions. I really need to search my area for one.

Andrew 25 September, 2009 19:42  

I love the effect you have achieved with toned paper.

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